about us

Sai has been launched officially in May 2011 as a high-end beauty & spa, the first branch of Sai was in Yarmouk area in Kuwait city.

The idea of Sai was to have a different unique ladies beauty center in a very competitive field, after setting our vision mission and goals we moved to the next step with a very talented Kuwaiti engineers Reem al Sane and Dalal Al Sane, to design one of a kind salon with great ideas and concept, and by moving to the step after, we reached another young talented Kuwaitis to help in having a well branded place and that was perfectly done through raw design company.

Today we can proudly say that Sai is one of the best beauty centers in Kuwait, and is managing a new branch in Khaldiya area in Kuwait city since September 2013, and owned is official second branch in Surra since January 2014.

Sai, from the work Bonsai tree, also sounds like “Sigh” – A sigh of relief.

Our vision is to be one the of the best and one the most famous brand names in the beauty sector in Kuwait, Gulf, Middle east and the World.

Our Mission is to provide high quality beauty services offered by a very well trained staff, using the latest techniques and products in a relaxing comfortable environment.

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